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Pluvio Restaurant

Celebrating the Natural Elements of Ucluelet

Dining at Pluvio Restaurant

Pluvio Restaurant, in the heart of Ucluelet, is a comfortable, intimate restaurant designed to reflect the natural beauty of it's surroundings. The Pluvio team strives to provide each guest with unique dining experience that incorporates the best local products that Ucluelet has to offer. Menus offerings are based on what is currently in season, locally. So, what's on the menu today may be very different from next week's menu.

In almost any description of Pluvio Restaurant, "unique" comes up often. There's a reason for that. You can enjoy dining at Pluvio Restaurant in one of two...unique ways. You can put together a three course dinner, with you're own choice of beginning, middle, and end dishes. For example, you might begin with Grilled Salish Sea Oysters, followed by Smokey Fraser Valley Pork Belly, and end with a Chocolate Fix (chocolate sponge, chocolate mousse, yogurt, and malted yogurt ice cream). For more variety (Yes, it's possible.), you can coose the five-course chef's tasting menu. Currently, that include Local Fish Crudo, Steelhead Mosaic, Slow Cooked Beef Shortrib, Avonlea Cheddar Shortbread, and First-of-the-Season Strawberries.

Beverages compliment the menu selections. You can choose from classic West Coast wines to unique cocktails and craft British Columbia beers and ciders.

Pluvio Restaurant's unique approach to dining has not gone unnoticed. They were recently voted the fourth best new restaurant in Canada by Air Canada enRoute Magazine. And, they were the only rural restaurant to break into the top five.

Note that, while the restaurant itself is wheelchair accessible, seating is at high top tables and chairs. That is, dining at wheelchair height is not possible. Options are transferring from wheeelchair to chair or use of an adjustable height wheelchair. If you need more information, please, don't hesitate to contact the restaurant.

Vegetarian, gluten free, and dairy free dining options are always available. If you have specific food allergies, however, you'll need to check with the restaurant in advance to make sure those can be accommodated.

For more information, please, feel free to contact the folks at Pluvio Restaurant. Phone: 250-726-7001. Email:


Pluvio - innovative and casually classy - it will be a highlight of any visit to the west coast

There is a reason Pluvio has made the Best Restaurants in Canada lists. It hits all the bases - inventive cuisine, quality wine lists and perfect customer experience. We had the three course seasonal menu choices and it was wonderful. We lucked into the two seats overlooking the hardworking team in the kitchen (separated by plexiglass in this COVID protocol era) and really enjoyed the fast moving action. Well worth the drive down from Tofino if you are in that area. Five stars Plus! (In this COVID era the restaurant is taking it seriously - as we all should - tables have been reduced and seating at bar and kitchen area as well. We felt safe and valued as customers.)

-westcoastjohnnie, Trip Advisor

Food that looks and tastes good!

We were so impressed with the 3 course meal. The ingredients have been carefully thought out and crafted together to make each dish a work of art. They made the whole dining experience a journey, finishing with a plate of rocks and hidden chocolates! They also took a picture of us using a Polaroid which is such a sweet way to remember the restaurant and our special night. Highly recommend!

-SelenaReviews, Trip Advisor

Dinner with a special flair

We were in Uclulet and just had to go to one of our favourite places. We had the 3 course and the 5 course tasting menu with a wine pairing and a very special bottle of Chablis. Everything was beautiful and delicious. Our cocktails were fantastic and our special treats were out of this world. We will definitely be back. Chef Warren and Lilly have put together a dynamic team that does not disappoint. Dollars well spent.

-MJPOCO, Trip Advisor

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