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Sand & Sea

Science says what we have always known: surf and sand is good for us. 
The research suggests:

* Staring at the ocean puts us into a mild meditative state as it alters our brain waves.

* The colour blue surrounding you from the sky and water is associated with feelings of calm and peace. 

* There is a de-stimulating effect on the brain from the ebb and flow of water you hear as you lie or walk along the beach.

* The sounds, coupled with the visuals, activate your parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for slowing us down and helping us relax.

* The smell of the ocean breeze is soothing, which may have to do with negative ions in the air. This negative ion therapy may be useful to treat seasonal affective disorder.

* The act of putting bare feet into the warm sand causes you to relax.

Visit the ocean to nourish and replenish your mind and spirit. Breathe deeply, smell the ocean air and feel each grain of sand as it moves between your toes. Come visit and soak up some of that vitamin SEA!
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