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While the Cats are away.....

  • dave and wendy

While Gary, Baxter, and I heading off in the camper to check out the world south of the 49th, Dave, Wendy, and Riley are taking over the B&B. Wendy and Dave are experienced B&B Hosts and are just about the nicest folks we have ever met. They just love meeting all the travelers and have plenty of information about the area. What's even better, they will be offering all travelers in the month of January and February $20 off each night. All you have to do is use the code phrase: "Baxter is much cuter than Riley" when you book on line or by email. You can even try giving Dave and Wendy a call at the house if you can catch them in between beach walks.

Baxter's tail is just a blur at being able to go off for a holiday. He's just not too sure about Riley taking over his bed!

We look forward to meeting new travellers and welcoming past friends back when we return in the spring.

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