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Breakfasts At Bostrom's B&B Fresh Fruit and Fresh Squeezed Juices Start the Day

All breakfasts start with a fresh fruit plate, yogurt fruit parfait, baked apple, or poached pear, and continue with one of the entrees below. Fruit and vegetable juices, or smoothies are prepared fresh and change daily.

The menu changes every day and, though it is a set menu, we are open to alter the offerings for any dietary needs or allergies. Please let us know well in advance as it is not always easy to get special ingredients in this small village.

I'm started this day with a breakfast baked apple stuffed with oatmeal, raisins, and cinimon, sweetened with apple juice and served on a bed of ricotta cheese.

Blueberry French Toast

Cream cheese and fruit is hidden in this french toast that is served with pork sausages made with maple syrup, apples, and spices.

Brie Stuffed French Toast with a Lemon Ginger Pear Sauce


Sweet Dreams are made of cheese. Who am I to dis a brie?

This french toast is stuffed with brie cheese and topped with a pear, lemon ginger topping. Served with a chicken sausage flavoured with roasted garlic, capers, wine and spices, this breakfast swims with flavours.

Crimson Nest Eggs

Served on nests of spiralized beets and sprouts, these nest eggs are served with house made seedy bread and home made preserves.

Oatmeal brûlée and muffins

Creamy large flake oats topped with brûlée is finished with a caramelized brown sugar crust and served with a medley of berries. Accompanying the brûlée is a breakfast muffin that changes with Judy’s moods.

Fluffy Belgium Waffles with Hertels famous bacon

Slightly sweetened with pure Canadian maple syrup and made light with yeast these waffles are a treat served with whipped cream and fresh fruit. They are served with Hertel’s bacon which is phosphate and sulphate free and is the tastiest bacon I’ve ever run across.

Eggs Captain Benny

All fishermen on the west coast have a moniquer. Gary was called Gentle Ben, though never to his face, for his easygoing disposition. Since he’s never let me call him Benny, I named a dish after him. I use his smoked salmon on fresh made English muffins, covered with poached eggs, and topped with a wine reduction dill sauce. If he’s been out fishing the day before, I’ve been known to add some fresh prawns to finish it off.

Breakfast Oatmeal

Smell the cinnamon as you dig into this warm breakfast to discover the bananas, blueberries and nuts hidden inside. This entree is served with fresh baked muffins.

Seafood Fresh from the Ocean

When Gary brings home fresh seafood it often makes an appearance at breakfast. Here fresh crab, right from the ocean just the night before, are paired with scrambled eggs.


3 Korn toast, Montreal smoked meat, and Swiss cheese are topped with a poached egg and holindaise sauce for this tastey croque-monsieur.

Continental Breakfast

Sometimes you just need something simple! 

If you have been travelling long you may have a hankering for a simple breakfast. We have homemade granola, boxes of breakfast cereal, and toast available upon request. Should you wish a protein smoothie, we would be pleased to make it to your specifications. Please let us know a day before you wish to alter a given breakfast entrée so that we can ensure the ingredients are on hand.

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