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The Red Chair Comes to Ucluelet


The Red Chair arrived safely after touring the province with the BC Innkeeper's Guild. It looked well rested and I'm sure it was due to the good breakfasts and comfortable beds that are a hallmark of the guild's properties.

In Ucluelet it stayed at the luxurious Bostrom's Oceanfront B&B

The Red Chair stopped to have a chat with the mermaid that, although unfinished, sits at the entrance way to greet guests.

Travel does take some work and so the chair jumped into the hot tub to watch the whales go by,

had a lovely sauna,

and sat out on the deck to cool down and enjoy the view.

Though bocce, croquet, and darts were a problem for this armless chair, it proved to be a pool shark!

There were many places to sit and meet fellow chairs from all over the world.

Barbeques offered a chance to eat in.

There were many pleasant conversations over the scrumption breakfasts and, since Ucluelet is such a small village the chair met fellow B&B mates and friendly faces throughout the town.

Each guest area as well as every room had a magnificent view of the ever changing bay.

Just a short walk down a wooded path

was an ocean deck ready for a picnic or for a nice cool swim in the ocean.

Though there are always placed to enjoy fellow chairs,

there are also many places to sit an relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a good book by the fire.

As darkness falls the sunroom offers protection from the elements while enjoying a sunset or stargazing over the ocean.

Each morning starts with gourmet breakfasts in the sunroom overlooking the bay.

Morning found the Red Chair strolling along the Pacific Rim National Park's Long Beach. You never know what you are going to find and who you are going to meet on the beach.

A visit to the Ucluelet Aquarium was made fun by the enthusiasm of the wonderful folk that work and volunteer there.

A visit to the Ucluelet Aquarium was made fun by the enthusiasm of the wonderful folk that work and volunteer there.The aquarium is the only catch and reliease aquarium in the world. Amazing!

Whalewatching is not to be missed in Ucluelet. 20,000 gray whales pass by on their way to Alaska in the spring. Humpback whales come in the summer to feed in the nutrient rich water and transient orcas come for a sea lion sandwich.

Subtitle Adventures  guests enjoy the thrill of the zodiac ride or the quaint Dixie 4, a retired lifesaving boat. As Brian, the owner of Subtitle Adventures, has been running whale watching tours the longest he is said to know most of the whales by name. It is indeed true with this leaping Graywhale.

A walk on the Wild Pacific Trail is also an excellent place to spot whales in the spring.

This world class trail meanders 9 kilometers through the rainforest along the magnificent Pacific coast. Every ocen view is unique and ever changing with the light, the waves, and the things to be seen.

Though it's better known neighbour, Tofino, is marketed as a surf destination, Ucluelet has many surf shops with surf beaches as close as a 10 minute drive.

The adventures of the Red Chair continue!