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Many Dining Options Any Time of the Day

All With an Ocean view!

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A large timberframe sunroom on the upper deck is an excellent place to enjoy the view. The glass doors open on sunny days to let the outside in. The sunroom is a breakfast room in the morning and a place to sit and relax any time of the day.

  • trail dining 4

The Trail suite has it's own private dining table and kitchenette.

  • common room table

There are many tables within the common room to enjoy a game of cards, have a snack, get take out and dine in, or cook dinner on the barbeque.

  • a tables 3
  • Breakfast served on the middle deck

Enjoy  the view while eating outdoors adjacent to the common room.There is a kitchenette, a barbeque, and a fire pit for those who wish to make their own lunch or dinner or bring in take out food from some of the many fine restaurants in the village.

  • Private covered alcove from the Pacific Room

Both the Wild and Pacific Rooms have a covered alcover with teak bistro tables overlooking the bay where a light snack or cup of coffe can be enjoyed rain or shine.

  • ocean deck

Down the stairs and along a wooded path is the ocean side deck. It's the perfect place for a picnic while swiming in the bay or come down before breakfast for your first cup of coffee. Picnic baskets and plastic dishes are available for ease of carrying.

  • Fire Pit at Bostrom

There is a firepit for an informal hot dog roasted over the fire. Outdoor fires can usually be enjoyed anytime of the year. Because Ucluelet is in a rainforest that often has dew in the morning, tere is very rarely a fire ban though it does occasionally happen.