Whale Watching

Andria and Alex had not had much luck this past month. When ALex came home from work one day he stepped into something wet. Looking first towards the dog, lying inocently on the sofa, he soon realized there was far more damage that his dog could possible have done as even the carpet in the living room was soaked. No, they are not from Calgary. This happened in Vancouver. As it turns out, a dishwasher was improperly attached and the small leak was undetected. When the water in the building was turned back on after repairs to another area, the pressure blew out the now rusty pipe, and flooded everything.

With massive rennovations happening in their condominium, and with all their possessions in storage, their spirits were as damp as their home. They came out to Bostrom's to get away from it all. It seemed that was all it took for their luck to change.

Sitting around the breakfast table, all the guests decided they would like to go whale watching. Though it is very rare that I can book my husband, Gary, to take out whale watchers, that was one of the rare days when he had a few hours inbetween dropping off and picking up  his kayakers from Majestic, the company he contracts to.

  • andria's whaletrip 2

This is the sort of thing that one usually sees when whale watching: a couple of Grey Whales swimming past,

  • andria's whaletrip 3

Perhaps a flash of a tail as a grey whale dives down to eat,

  • andria's whaletrip 1

and of course the sea lion rookeries.

As all the companies work together to spot whales, Subtitle Adventures called Gary over to see a humpback whale that was slapping the water with it's tail.

The whale dove, and everyone was pretty certain the show was over when...

 without warning....

  • andria's whale 1

the whale took flight,

  • andria's whale 2

twisted in mid air,

  • andria's whale 3

and spashed back down into the water.

  • andria's whale 4

Andria describe it as hanging in the air for a dozen heart beats before splashing down into the ocean again.

Thank-you for sharing these pictures with us Andria! They are awesome!

If you would like permission to use any of these pictures, email me and I will pass on your request to Andria Hall.