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Wedding Pictures from Bostrom's B&B

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Heather and Ben dropped by with their wedding party to get a few pictures in our front yard and our back yard. We were thrilled. Ben worked with Gary as a Kayak guide and he and Heather were married on Big Beach in a natural amipitheatre of trees with the mist coming in and out off the ocean. It was just as beautiful as these two wonderful people.

The Pictures above were taken on the swim area by our lower deck by Andrew Snucins from Kamloops.

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The neighbourhood cat, Cornell Fluffy wanted to be in the pictures too!

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But only Heather's closet friends made the final cut.

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Heather and Ben are avid kayakers and look so perfect surrounded by the big cedars in our side garden.

On the way down to the deck the party posed for a picture.

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What a beautiful group. We wish Heather, Ben, and all their wedding party the best that life has to offer.