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Winter Wedding at Bostrom's Oceanfront B&B


Warm Wonderful Winter Wedding

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John and his brother, George, waited on the lower deck accompanied by the song of the splashing water, the gulls, and the eagles. In the background the low boom of the whistle buoy harmonized with the bell buoy. It was February 3, and the air was fresh and warm.

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The sun shone as Dierdre and her daughter, Colleen, entered down the stairs.

With Mike Gitelman officiating, the vows were said and  the couple wed.

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The marriage certificate was signed.

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And so, with joy in their hearts John and Deirdre spent their first day as husband and wife.

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The wedding party is joined by Carly, Jordan, Gary, and I  for a final picture before we all go up to break bread and toast this magnificent couple.

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Whatever may happen tomorrow and in the years to come, this day stay in their hearts as I know it will in mine.

I can't imagine a more perfect winter day nor can I imagine a more perfect couple to share it with.