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Warm Buddy Bears, Bikes, and Babies

  • Wedding

Some years back this beautiful couple, Brian and Kathleen, spent their honeymoon at Bostrom's B&B and left for home with a Bostrom Bear.

  • Brian and Kathleen

I was excited to recieve an email with some pictures of Bostrom Bear in  Western Australia, and on a bike trip to his new home, in Bridgetown.

This is my husband, Gary's, favorite picture. I was thrilled when he saw this picture of the bear and became very excited. However, I soon realized it was Brian's bike he was excited about- not the bear! It was hard for me to imagine that he totally missed the bear in the picture.

  • Brian and Kathleen3
  • Bostrom Bear and Carice 2

It was hard to understand how Gary could miss the bear until then Ronald and Kathinka showed me the picture of the new addition to their family, the beautiful little Carice. Bear? What Bear? Doesn't she just "steal the show"? 

The Bostrom bear was used as a bed warmer when Carise was little since Bostrom Bears have a bag in their tummy that can be heated in a microwave or cooled in the freezer. Now Bostrom is her little buddy bear.

Check out the dualling smiles and how Carice is holding hands with her buddy.

  • Bostrom bear and Carice

Thank-you Ronald and Kathinka for sharing your picture with us. That smile is contagious! I can just imagine the joy that smile has brought into your lives. It has made my day special just to see it in pictures!

Bostrom Bear is a made in Richmond BC by a wonderful company called Warm Buddy Check out the website to see some of the fabulous products they offer.