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They're Here!

"They're Here!" It is a shout heard anytime between 3:00 and 6:00 which is the check in time at the B&B. Sometimes you don't know who is behind the door waiting to see their room and sometimes it is a familiar face that you are ever so happy to see again.

  • Peter 1

It is such a great pleasure to see guests return. We were counting off the days for the return of Peter and Heike. We just knew they were going to get into some mischief and we were not dissapointed!

It all started at Painter's Lodge in Campbell River where Peter found some hot tub toys. He had to stand in line with the salmon fishermen who were weighing their catch. Peter dutifully weighed his catch for us. I can just imagine the look of the fishermen's faces who were waiting behind him to weigh their own catch of the day!

  • Peter 1
  • peter 3

It appears that the catch spent time on the beach playing on Peter's foot, before the whole family appeared on the cover of my hot tub. Ready to play with any guests that have that sence of fun that brought this motley crew to Ucluelet.

  • peter 2

  • peter 4

One little fellow found his way to one of the bird feeders where he made a unique photo op. In the past two years the whales have been scarce because of the warm El Nino waters. However for all the previous years since opening the B&B, spotting whales from our deck has been a daily occurance. Even in an El Nino year, Peter has found a way to do whale watching from the deck!

Wonderful things happen where ever in the world Peter goes. It makes me happy to know you are in my world Peter! Germany is a little far, but your still in the neighbourhood as the planes fly!

  • peter and the whales