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The Canadian Beaver

Hi Judy,

Hope you are well - Gary and Baxter too!

Jacqueline and I just returned from a week in the Canadian Shield - Whiteshell Provincial Park bordering Manitoba and Ontario

You post blogs and show us your whale sightings!!!!

….and we post a photo of a beaver we came across during one of our hikes!

….not quite as exhilarating but that's all I got!!!

Be well,


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Hi James,

Thank-you for the fabulous picture of the beaver. Of course we do have beaver on the island…. somewhere. I have only seen one and unfortunately it was dead.

Gary and I were driving back home from holiday in the winter late one stormy night. We were close enough to home that we pushed well past when we could stop overnight. It was about 3:00 in the morning when we went over the Alberni Summit. The wind was breaking branches off trees and the branches were flying across the road. There was a branch that had blown directly in the path of our truck and rather than swerve on the rainy road, Gary, in his big butt Ford decided to drive over it. It was a quick decision and one that he instantly regretted as he approached the branch and saw a beaver attached to it. We stopped the truck and went back to see that we had run right over the head of the beaver. What on earth was it doing at 3:00 A.M. in the middle of the storm when it should have been snug in its beaver hut?

After checking with the Wild Life authorities, we had the beaver mounted and placed it on the wall as a testimony to overtime. Whenever either of us worked too long into the evening we would say, “Remember the beaver!”.

After I retired I started to redecorate, and the beaver had no place in my plans. I remember one day my girlfriend and I were finishing off the final touches to our bedroom, which was decorated in a fun, day at the beach theme. Gary came in and started to complain. Having had no say in the decoration up till now, Gary insisted that the beaver hang over the bed. After a long drawn out discussion I relented and the beaver was mounted at the head of the bed.

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With a light fixtures looking like a shower of rain, with rain drops and cats and dogs hanging from it,

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with fun nautical additions, big bold stripes for my valence,

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and flying bugs and biplanes suspended from the ceiling, the beaver just didn't add to the decor.

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One day I sewed a red and white stripped bikini and funny sunglasses for the beaver. Days past and Gary never noticed. My girlfriend, Wendy, started to bait Gary saying things like, “We’ve found the perfect picture for above the bed and we need to take down that beaver”. In turn Gary would reply, “I look at that beaver every night and if it was ever missing there would be a little hole left in my heart.”

Awh! What could we do? We just kept on teasing him of course! These taunts lasted for 2 ½ months with Gary totally unaware of the new look for the beaver. He folded the laundry on the bed, he slept in it every night, he woke up in it every morning, and never once noticed that his beaver had changed quite drastically.

When Christmas arrived I gifted my daughter the sunglasses as a funny gift and asked Gary if he had ever seen the glasses before. "No", he said. And we all walked with him to the room and witnessed the biggest belly laugh I have ever heard from my husband. He remembered all the teasing about the beaver and realized he hadn’t once even looked at it!

I still don’t have Gary’s permission to take down the Beaver to alter this decoration fax paus. However, I’m fairly certain that when I find the perfect picture to replace it, he won’t notice the change anyway!

Give Jacqueline a hug from us. Looking forward to seeing you back in this neck of the woods again some day.