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Summer Fun and Swimming in the Bay

  • Craig and Mimi swim

Let me introduce my swimsuit models. Craig on the right is flexing his muscles, while Mimi on the left is ready for the big jump. Donna, AKA bear hunter, is the shadow that is taking this fabulous picture. In the back ground is Little Beach, which is a slow gentle slow of sand for folks who want to get wet just a little at a time, unlike our fearless duo!

This picture is taken at a low tide. At a high tide you can jump into the bay from the highest lily pad that has been placed along the beach for easy access. We have swim shoes available for getting in and out or the water at low tide as there are a few barnacles on the rocks.

  • 003

The swim area is accesed down a set of aluminum stairs from the lower deck. On the other side of the deck is a bouder beach with a magical area full of vertical rock walls with fern and other greenery growing on it. It is hidden by a tree that grows horizontally, curtaining the area from the water. It's a great place to sit and watch the bay as no one would ever imagine you were there.

One normally calls, "Geronimo!", and other such things, when jumping off the rocks. This time they shouted, "For Judy!" You see I never got down to the deck to catch a picture of guests swimming in the bay and, hearing about my need for a swimming picture, these three jumped in just for me; and for you to see! How could you not love these guys!

  • Craig and mimi
  • 002

And how did beautiful Donna get the moniker, "bear hunter"? One day after breakfast she went down to the lower deck when this little fellow came by turning over rocks to eat the little critters underneath.

  • 005

 She texted her buddies and ran up to get me so we could all enjoy watching him have lunch.

  • 007

And then he walked off up the hill to the house and no one noticed him passing through the neighbourhood.

There's always plenty to do and see on the West Coast. These three went ziplining, surfing, whale watching, and hiking. They told me that they always looked forward to going back to the B&B for a sauna, hot tub, game of snooker, or for a swim at the end of the day. I look forward to another summer when these three fabulous individuals return to the West Coast.