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Spirit of the Lights

Amorphous, Flowing, Sculptures of Light

There is nothing so moving as a full moon shining on a clear night. The only thing that could ever come close are light sculptures that nightly create that same powerful spirit to warm your own home.

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The organic sculptures are pieces of art that flow from driftwood bases into exotic forms that hover in their suspended nests, fly from the wall, or seem to dance with their own unique rhythms.

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Each piece is one of a kind taking on personality from their driftwood base and from their creator, the artist, Cameron Mathieson , and his talented daughter, Aven.

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  • cameron

Cameron Mathieson is a BC artist who's works are finding homes with international art lovers around the globe.

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With the enthusiastic response, Cameron's daughter, the artist, Aven, has returned to the studio to help with the birthing of these unique light creations.

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The process always starts with a canoe trip in a remote wilderness area where each piece of driftwood is assessed for it's ability to inspire the artist and the future owner of the light. Only the woodbones that show the most potential are chosen to be reborn into one of a kind, luminous, sculptures.

The lights are built over months of creativity and patience in a studio that is free of VOCs. Each piece is given individual attention to permit it to grow directly from the drifwood until it enters the birthing room for the final stages of it's gestation.

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I am thrilled that one of One of these beautiful sculptures will soon be part of my life. Here are some of the many metamorphosis itt has being going through over the past months.

  • my baby

After the soul was carefully selected out of his collection of driftwood, it was given ribs and seven coats of skin. I love the feminine yonic drifwood base.

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Though I would be proud to own any of his lights, Cameron and Aven were able to meet my needs for a bright light along with a sculpture that simply takes my breath away.

  • my baby

This is a picture of my light's tender underbelly showing the other side of her wings. Oh my! Does it have talons? I'm so excited for it to come home so that I can inspect it's feet and toes.

This view from the back shows the wings folded in warm hug as it hovers in mid air. I can't wait for it to hang over my dining table! It will be the most precious piece of art in my house.

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Though Cameron is presently preparing for an art show overseas, he will hold back a few light sculptures for his North American followers. Check out his website to welcome a spirit of light into your home.