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Sexy Landscapes

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It has not happened to me since I was a teenager and I saw Gustav Klimt's painting "The Kiss" that a painting has made me feel so passionate. I looked at the painting of the river flowing down past the waterfalls and I blushed and needed to look away. The painting is by a fabulous artist, Cindy Mawle who was a guest here during the spring art show. Do have a look at some of her figurative paintings along with her landscapes. They are all amazing, but none moved me like this one.

My reaction is apparently much different that what Cindy was thinking of when she painted this pastoral scene. Art is a form of visual communication and so, like other forms of communication, may be subject to the listener or viewer's interpretation. Their interpretation is based on their own personal past history. It's not unlike verbal communication when someone says the word "chair" and you are thinking of your big white rocking chair, while they have in mind their big black recliner.

I know exaclty where my blush came from. A previous guest at the B&B worked as a boiler maker by day and by night was a burlesque artist. What a very interesting person! I was thrilled to hear of her interests, and how burlesque in Vancouver is blossoming. I had to experience this for myself. So, to celebrate International Woman's Day, my daughter and I went to Vancouver to see our first burlesque performance, Pandora and the Locksmiths. We were thrilled with a five piece band and a miriad of talented women performing an art form that has just recently been revived.

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It was the personality of the ferns in the picture that reminded me of the traditional burlesque fan dance, part of the performance we saw. While the ferns performed in this painting, the tall trees in the background seemed to stand as an audience to witness this tease. As a viewer of the painting, I witnessed both the fan dancers, and the audience. My blush was coming from being caught in a very voyeuristic act.

  • trail suite stained glass (2)

Since our Trail Suite is a very private, romantic suite, I could visualize how perfectly this picture would enhance the romance of the room.

The fit was even more perfect since the theme of the Trail Suite is a walk on the Wild Pacific Trail, and ferns are scattered throughout the decor.

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When Cindy dropped off the painting this week I was shocked to find that not only did the colours blend beautifully,

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 but the river that flowed down the painting followed the striped shape and colour of the strip on the concrete floor of the suite. The painting had found it's home.

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There are times when a painting speaks to you. Sometimes a painting shouts out from the other side of the room, "My house or yours, sweetheart!" This painting took my breath away. It was love at first sight!

I look forward to showing you the room. Perhaps your cheeks will colour and you look away when you first see the painting. Perhaps you will look at it and sigh while taking in the babbling brook of the pastoral scene. Either way, know that I will be watching you very carefully!