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I have not been writing many blogs these days. I didn't think anyone would notice. Mel noticed. Thank-you for reading the blogs Mel, this one is for you.

  • bear

To start off I'm putting in some pictures guests have taken aorund the house. The Houghton family went down to the beach to check out the tide pools just before they left Ucluelet. They met this young fellow who was determined to come up the stairs to get into the berry patch. Luckily Jason had seen lion tamers and put a handy chair in his way. The award for quick thinking goes to Jason.

Mr. Bear turned around and likely waited for the family to vacate before climbing up to the berry patch. I should go down and see if the chair is still in place or like in the story of Goldilocks it was just too small for him to sit in.

  • eagle 2
  • eagle 1

This lovely lady sat infront of the common room and was not a bit flustered when we gathered around not 10 feet from her to admire.  She is of course an imature bald eagle. The bald eagles take about 4 to 5 years to get their distinctive white head and black body. For a while we imagined we had a Golden eagle in our midst. It's most likely because Olympic fever has caught us all.

 At breakfast we have been watching this youth and the mature eagles fishing in the bay. There is a lot of fish activity that has brought in seals, sea lions, and river otters. On the outside island there are plenty of fish boats fishing in the gap. I imagine it is time for the Robertson Creek salmon to come by. There is always good fishing when they are around, a happy change since this has not been a good salmon year. Thanks for the eagle picture Gordon.

And now the best story that has come to the breakfast table this week. The story of the idiot.

A German guest went down to the Float House for supper and could see there was a line up. He was hangry and so decided to line up with the rest rather than search for another restaurant. Just as he started toward the restaurant, the car beside him stopped and the man, seeing the line up ran ahead of my guests to be in line before him.

Being hangry, this incident did not go without comment. Speaking to his wife in German, he none to quietly, called the man ahead of him an idiot. In fact not just an idiot but a huge idiot. He complained that his wife didn't even join him and look, the idiot is standing there texting his wife who is sitting in the car. Hunger got the best of my wonderful guest and there was much more that he said in German that would have insulted the idiot, his wife, and various members of his family. 

Looking around the restaurant, my guest noticed that some tables could sit 4 but there were only 2 people sitting. "We could be sitting there eating right now" he said. "Why don't they sit 4 to a table. This is just absurd".

Along came the waitress who greeted the idiot and was about to show him to his table when he turned around and in perfect German asked my guests if they would like to join he and his good wife. Caught!

Idiot got his revenge by being an excellent dinner companion and from the report in the morning they all had a lovely evening together. When I asked if he thought the man had heard his comments, my guests said, "I hope not" at the same time as his wife saying, "Of course he did, you were so loud!"

The moral of the story is: German is the second language of Ucluelet in the summer time! Remember the warning that Thumper's mom told him!