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Sauna Time

  • Finnish Sauna

It's no secret, but it is never advertised, that it rains in the middle of a rain forest. Arriving to the west coast from a desert in Mexico I was just a little surprised. I searched for years for an activity that is better in the rain than on sunny days. Of course folk enjoy surfing, scuba diving, and, with the raincoats we provide guests, even hiking is enjoyed in the rain. However, not being a true west coaster, I have always found these activities just a bit better in the sun. Other than puddle spashing, which I am getting to be too old for, what is left?

This winter we put in a Finnish suana in our guest area and the first time we tried it out -eureka!- that's it! It was a blustery, stormy day and after we worked up a good sweat it was time to cool off. We steped out from the covered patio and we were whipped with fresh rain being thrown by the storm. The waves were roaring and the drops of water were evaporating off our bodies in steam. Dancing with the wind in the refreshing rain might be the only activity that is much better in the rain than on a sunny day. It is not to be missed!

Now, I can't promise you a rainy day. Winter is the time for real storms, but I can promise that you will find our sauna on the west coast a truly envigorating experience.