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Rainy Day Adventures on the West Coast

It’s not hard to imagine that some days in the rain forest are indeed rainy. You look out the window and the sky is gray and the decks are wet.

One day Gary apologized for the inclimate weather to guests heading out on a kayak trip. These folk were from a hot desert climate and shared with Gary some perspective on rain.

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When it rained, she explained, everyone stayed inside in the evening, played cards, and visited. Her mother baked pies and cookies since this was not possible in the sunny hot climate. "When it rains", she said, "I feel like something wonderful is about to happen". I try to keep this perspective with me whenever the rain comes down. We never have to shovel it like most folk shovel snow and, in my mother's words, "You can always put on protective clothing while it is hard to take enough off when it is hot!" As a child I was always thankful that Mom resisted the urge to take it all off.

Below are some activities you might want to try should you be blessed with such a day on your visit.

Bathing in the Rain

  1. Bostrom's B&B has full rain gear from galoshes to go over you shoes to rain pants and rains coats. Explore the rainforest or the beaches without fear of getting wet.
  2. Surfing is fun in the rain and sun. You will wear a wet suit to be warm and you will be wet anyway. All the surf shops offer surf lessons.
  3. Come home and jump into the hot tub. The Sou’westers are in the common room and will keep your hair dry while you enjoy the rainy ocean views.
  4. Enjoy the heat of the Finnish sauna. During cool off times, dance in the rain and let the raindrops bounce off your skin as steam
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Visit Kwisitis Information Centre

  • Wickaninnish Interpretive Centre[1]

Visit the park The Wickininish Interpretive Centre, Kwisitis, on Wickininish Beach has some exhibits that will keep you dry while you have a look at the new paintings and exhibits in the centre. Who knows, when you come out of the center it might have stopped raining so you can enjoy hiking the trails and beach walking without your rain gear. Beware of sucker holes! Sucker holes are those beautiful moments when the rain stops and the sun comes out, at least until you get to the farthest end of the trail. It is normally at the point furthest away from shelter that the heavens will open up with buckets of rain. Who said weather doesn't have a sense of humour?

Visit the Sea Creaturesw and the Aquarium

Located on the bottom of Main Street, by the Whiskey dock, the aquarium is a great rainy day activity. Ask lots of questions. The staff is full of information and enthusiasm. Any age will find wondrous and interesting things to see, touch, and smell. This is the only catch and release aquarium in the world. find out what our neighbours on the other side of the water look like.

  • Pamela Goats diving pictures

Visit Art Galleries and Artisans

There are many art galleries to visit. You might just find the perfect piece of art to remind you of your trip to Ucluelet and the West Coast.

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Paintings, sculpture, and jewelry from local artists and island artists can be found in:

Find local artist, Marla Thirsk, (picture left) at these galleries or on her webpage.

Picture below by Ken Kirkby.

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Shop Till the Rain Stops

There are plenty of shops in town to explore to find art, t-shirts, or that special something you don't know how you lived without:

  • The Crows Nest at the bottom of Main – is a “want not” store full of all sorts of souvenirs and treasures
  • Image West, 1932 Peninsula, across from the Princess boats, have t-shirts as well as art and crafts by many island artists
  • Pinas has unique t-shirts made by Angie. It is located on Peninsula just a few doors down from Murray's grocery
  • Tula’s fashions has some fabulous clothing on Peninsula in Relic surf shop
  • Rubios jewelry beside the Aquarium always pleases
  • Blackberry Cove has a fabulous selection of books, espresso, and health food