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Deneen Pottery Mugs

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I have loved the detail that has been on the medalian of my Bostrom's mugs for years and, since I go through 50 mugs each year, it seems my guests love them enough to take them home.

Last year I ran out of mugs before the end of my season. When guests asked to purchase a mug during breakfast, I had to tell them that the only mugs I had were on the table but they were dirty. "I can wash them" they replied. And so I ended up selling used mugs to everyone at the table.

A week later I had a wonderful email from one of those folk who told me that every time she used her mug she thought of the fabulous conversations that happened over the mug.

Wow! I think I should sell used mugs at a premium! After all, it is only these mugs that have witnessed such laughter, so many stories, and such fine times!

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Have a look at this video that shows the making of the mugs. Each mug goes through 24 hands before it is delivered to the B&B.

Because of the quality of their mugs, the Deneen family has become a big business. Because it is all family run though, I feel like I am calling a neighbour every year that I call in a new order. Have a look at the family.

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