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It is always fun to have families or travelling friends come and take over the entire B&B or the two middle deck rooms. These wonderful folk from France arrived in the fall and shared their joy along with a few new words to add to my French vocabulary. They sent us this picture of them when they returned home.

I think of them often whenever I pack my camper as in French it is known as a "camping car". Go figure!

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Picutred here is the 2013 picture of the annual Handel fishing trip that not only takes over the B&B but the entire neighbourhood B&Bs!

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Weddings are also a great reason to reserve the entire B&B. Here the groom irons his shirt to prepare for the big day. You can see their fabulous wedding picture in the Romance section of the website.

Often we are excited to meet family members years after we meet our guests. Herman and Tetty arrived in Ucluelet with Original Holidays, a travel agency that specializes in Canadian tours for Dutch travellers, in 2011. They were just some of the nicest guests and, seeing the area for the first time, they kindled enthusiasm for the Wild West Coast. We were excited when we saw that Original Holidays was sending them back again. What a surprise to see a much younger version of Herman, Irwin, arrive with his wife Laura this summer. Like their parents, this couple was full of fun and spent evening playing pool with other guests, soaking in the hot tub, and hiking the trails and beachs.

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While walking on the Wild Pacific Trail Irwin took a picture of Gary's boat with the bell bouy on one side and a humpback whale on the other.

I just recieved this fabulous picture of the four members of the family in our back yard. It seems they were thinking of us and sent us a photo from the Netherlands that puts them all in the picture at the same time albeit with some skillful manipulation of photo shop.

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Even when folk arrive alone or with just one travelling companion, they soon find friends here at Bostrom's.

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Thank-you all for the pictures, than-you for the memories, and thank-you for filling my house full of laughter and joy!