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Who Said it Had to Be Sunny?

  • June 4

OK. I’ll admit we haven’t had the start to summer that I would like to see. There have been few sunny warm days and as much as guests have been saying they enjoy the break from the heat in Eastern Canada, or the Southern States, I am longing for sunshine. I dream of that “picture perfect day” with wall to wall blue skies and folk swimming in the bay. And then along came Bernard Dupas and his family. Early in the morning Bernard would be up before I put the coffee on with his camera and his tripod.

  • June 3

I felt so bad that I could not provide the perfect day for his photos. I kept hoping that tomorrow; tomorrow the sun will shine through. And then Bernard showed me the photos he had taken. I was astounded. The pictures showed the “picture perfect day”.

No, Bernard did not use Photo Shop to add blue skies. Instead he used the magic of his eye to show me the beauty of an overcast day. Thank-you Bernard. These are just a few of the pictures he took home with him and left for me to share with you. From now on, if guests ask me what the weather will be like the following day, I will tell them the forcast is “picture perfect”.

Just ask Bernard! ;D

  • June 2