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Fishing in Ucluelet

When I think of fishing in Ucluelet, I think of either commercial fishing or sports fishing. I watch both type of boats head out every morning while I prepare breakfast for my guests. We also have many groups of sports fishermen arrive as guests. Pictured below are the wonderful crew of brothers, cousins and friends on their annual Handel fishing trip.

  • handels

However, so many of the animals in this area are also fishers: seabirds, bear, wolves, river otters, seals, seal lions,racoons and whales, just to mention a few.

  • racoon
  • river otters

Why even the cedars rely on fish. When the bear meet the salmon in the spawning streams they often take their catch into the woods to enjoy it. The remains of these fish are responsible for the thick forests as well.

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One day a friend of mine was leaving the house for a walk with her dog. Not more than 3 feet from her a salmon fell from the sky. Both she and her dog jumped back amazed. The real owner of the fish, an eagle, then flew in for a better grip on it's supper. Being rather fond of salmon, I don't know whether I would have given up such a fine supper quite so easily but my friend honored the arial fisherman by stepping back out of it's way.

  • steve grace eagle 2

Thank-you Steve for the wonderful pictures of the eagle and the rock fish. He took this shot from Wickininish Beach this summer when he and Maxine came to visit. Great job Steve!

  • seagul supper 2

Arnaud Termonia from Brussels found this eagle flying in with an unusual catch. It appears that eagles have no trouble switching their diets from fish to seagull. No competition from the Handel boys on that one!

Along with the shot of the eagle, Arnaud let me use his picture of the sea otters and the racoon  above. Fabulous pictures Arnaud. Thank-you.

  • seagul supper 3
  • seagul supper