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Deer Proof Flowers

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Spring has arrived in time for the fun of Whale Fest. It's March 17 and my tree is in bloom, my daffodill, crocus, heather, snowdrops, and my camilia tree is in full bud. Most spring flowers seem to do pretty well against deer. The acception, of course are tulips, which, when in bloom will bring the entire herd into the garden. But what about summer flowers, known here in Ucluelet as deer salad.

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I think I have come up with the perfect West Coast answer to deer proof flowers.

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These lovely blooms are the brain child of Conni Lee from Port Angeles, Washington, USA.

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I found these is a cute little farmer's market in Yuma, From the Farm, which is located at 5158 S. Hi-Way 95 on the way to the Yuma Proving Grounds.

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Each one is make out of recycled glass that had it's first life as a candy dish, candle holder, or what not.

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Connie adds her little magic and they bloom inside or out.

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I've added my first bouquet in the front of my house along with my Japanees fishing floats. Though the deer have come to have a look, they have left every bud in tack. Perfect deer proof flowers!

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Thanks Conni!