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Close Encounters With A Pair Of Grey Whales

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Some guys just know how to show you a good time. Gary came back from whale watching in the Broken Group Islands  today and decided to take me out to the Float House for a hamburger. Since he had left his phone on the boat we went down to retrieve it and, since we were already on the boat, we decided to take a little spin around and about to mark the evening.

We spotted a pair of grey whales around Crow Island and turned off our engines to watch. It seemed that these grey whales wanted to do some people watching. They came up to the boat together, circled it, rolled around, went under it, and fully inspected the boat and us as well. What a thrill!

Have a look at these gentle giants that Gary captured on video with his Iphone. They are about 40 tons each! Here is a second video that shows the pair in and around the boat and eventually leaving us.

Amazing that they came so close but didn't even touch the boat once. Gary tells me one day a whale decided to scratch his back on the bottom of his boat. After than encounter he makes sure to scrub the barnacles off the bottom of the boat so that it was not such a good scratching post.

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It was quite a "date"! Thank-you Gary.