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B&B Bookends

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The sun rises out of the Atlantic ocean at Williams Rest in Newfoundland

and it sets into the Pacific ocean here at Bostrom's B&B.

  • Sunset from Bostrom
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Somedays Marilyn, the owner of At Williams Rest, an art teacher in her past, sits on her porch on the East coast and watches white things pass by on the horizon.

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I also taught art for years. Now I sit on my porch on the West Coast and see white things pass in my view too.

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Maryilyn's windows and porch look out on the amazing Atlantic ocean.

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There are ever changing views to the east

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and off to the west.

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My windows and decks have a view of the Pacific Ocean, looking out to the south,

  • Fire Pit

with glimpses of Little Beach, to the east.

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We both look forward to the humpbacks swimming by and to the visitors coming round to stay and enjoy their holiday on the coast.

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We are the Canadian B&B Bookends with Marilyn At Williams Rest to the East,

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and me, Judy, at Bostrom's B&B to the West.

A big thank-you to James and Jacqueline, Marilyn's brother and sister-in-law, for making me aware of my Atlantic counterpart. Though Marilyn enjoys drawing and painting the architecture of Newfoundland, James talked her into drawing me a beaver as a reminder of the email we shared prior to his arrival. You can find this email on my blog, Canadian Beaver. I will be framing the beaver for my bedroom. Mine will be one of the few houses in town, or likely in all of Canada, with a his and hers beaver. Thanks Marilyn.

  • for sale Deneed Pottery cup

In return I am sending back a Bostrom Mug with James so that when Marilyn sits down for her cup of coffee on the East Coast, and I sit down for my cup of coffee on the West Coast, we can both share the same view.

How about a cup after I finish my dishes Marilyn? The time? 10:00 - 2:30 in Newfoundland.