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Your hosts: the Bostroms

  • Gary and Judy

Gary has always lived on the West Coast with his roots in the small fishing community of Kyuquot. Once a commercial fisher, Gary now spends his time scuba diving, sports fishing, rolling his kyak, and building facilities from which to enjoy and share his home with others. During the summer months, Gary has a "job" ferrying kayaks out to the Broken Group Islands. After whale watching and dropping off his new friends he dives or goes fishing before picking the folk up at the end of the day. This, he swears, is "work".

Judy, having grown up in the semi-arid climate of Cranbrook, has lived on the West Coast for 30 years. After teaching art for many years she completed her master's degree in psychology to complete her teaching career as a high school counsellor. Now "retired", Judy swears that the B&B is the best job she's ever had. Inviting quests into her home has given her fresh insight into the area as its magic is continually recreated through the eyes and experiences of visitors.

"We look forward to your visits and hope to see you come up over the horizon really soon."