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Babies, Dogs, and other Cuddly Visitors

Why not stay in luxury with your entire family? We love babies, dogs, and well behaved children.

Babies and Dogs

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The Trail suite is perfect for canine companions. Let us know if your canine companion is a couch potato and we will cover the sofa so that you can curl up and watch Ceasar together. Dogs never need feel insecure about dropping a hair at the Bostrom's as the Trail suite has a heated concrete floor that is so easy to clean up.

Should Fido get excited about his sleep over at the Bostrom's or should he bark at the wind in the night, not a soul would hear him as the room is separated from the house and from the B&B. There is no one beside or under your room. Dog sitting services are available if you need to leave your dog buddy to take in a fishing trip or kayak excursion.

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A crib awaits you when you arrive at Bostrom's with your precious bundle. Picture above by Erika Scott.

The Trail suite is perfect if you are travelling as a single family. Not a soul would hear the baby should it cry for food in the middle of the night and there is plenty of room to play on the rug or wander about.

If you are travelling with grandparents take the two adjoining rooms, the Wild and Pacific rooms. They are the only rooms on this level and are beside a large common room where you can cuddle with the baby at night if it is having a hard time sleeping. Soundproofing, like a drummer's practice room (2 pound lead, sound insulation and hardy board) prevents the baby from waking up the grandparents and yet they can run next door to grandma's room for a morning cuddle.

Children and Families

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Well behaved children are always welcome at Bostrom's B&B. Should they need to shout with glee for sleeping over at Bostrom's the Trail suite will give them a chance to be their robust selves without you having to worry about them disturbing others.

Should you be travelling with Grandparents take the two adjoining rooms (Wild and Pacific). The sound proofing ensures grandpa a good sleep and the closeness provides morning cuddles for all.

If you stay in the Trail suite, you are welcome to bring the children down to join other guests over breakfast in the common room. You can also request a family style breakfast be served in your room or outdoors on your teak dining suite in the garden area overlooking the ocean.

We serve gourmet breakfasts but are happy to provide kid friendly alternatives for fussy eaters.

Picture above by Butter Studios.