The Storm that Ate the Deck

It was a place for family

We gathered together and threw the grandchildren in the ocean to swim.
We celebrated birthdays and special occasions.
Here my daughter turned 21.

It became a place for guests 

We laughed, we cried, we celebrated many exchanging of vows to the sounds of the waves lapping and the eagles calling from above.

It was a place to celebrate!

Friends who were married on the beach arrived in their finery to have their pictures taken on the deck.

Any time of the day

For a game of cards, a good book, a glass of wine
or a dip in the ocean.

Everyone enjoyed the deck

Even the occasional bear
The storm came
It came with a king tide of 12 feet with 30 meter waves. It was the largest waves in the world on that day.
The logs from the beaches were set adrift and they battered the deck all day.
In the end nothing but a small platform remained.
We will rebuild by the opening of our season.
We will rebuild, but perhaps  a little higher up this time.