Let me introduce my swimsuit models. Craig on the right is flexing his muscles, while Mimi on the left is ready for the big jump. Donna, AKA bear hunter, is the shadow that is taking this fabulous picture. In the back ground is Little Beach, which is a slow gentle slow of sand for folks who want to get wet just a little at a time, unlike our fearless duo!

This picture is taken at a low tide. At a high tide you can jump into the bay from the highest lily pad that has been placed along the beach for easy access. We have swim shoes available for getting in and out or the water at low tide as there are a few barnacles on the rocks.
The swim area is accesed down a set of aluminum stairs from the lower deck. On the other side of the deck is a bouder beach with a magical area full of vertical rock walls with fern and other greenery growing on it. It is hidden by a tree that grows horizontally, curtaining the area from the water. It's a great place to sit and watch the bay as no one would ever imagine you were there.